Another Day, Another Inspiration

So after another long day of woodcutting, I decided to take a break and collect my thoughts, as I do when I have a lot of work on the brain.  As I was driving to get some lunch, I noticed a garage sale selling a GIANT sawmill circular saw blade.  I mean…like…5 1/2 feet tall huge.  I wanted it…but the seller was asking a mere $200. Bastards.  It’s a garage sale! And it’s old and rusted.  The thing is a piece of beauty though.  I’d put that on my wall so fast.  Ever since I started woodwork 5 years ago, I’ve been intrigued, even inspired by hand and power tools.  What your mind can make.  What did this giant saw cut in its life?  I want this oversized, giant, rusty circular saw blade right now.  I’m stomping my foot right now.  The sad thing is I dont think they will just give it to me.  Bastards.

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