It’s Official!

This one’s official.  We will be appearing at the 2012 Portland Retro Gaming Expo this year! This will be our second year and we are more than excited to be doing it again! Good people, Good fun.  Dude, this expo is amazing.  If you need any game missing from your collection, you prooooobably can find it here.  Cool guest speakers, Art, costumes…the whole sha’bang…Did I just say sha’bang?  Plus, it’s going to be held in the Oregon Convention Center…which is three times the size that it was last year.  Big time. Woah kid, Woah. So excited. I’m hard at work as we speak making new pieces for the show, hence the lack of posts lately. Be ready for some awesomness! Anyways, The dates have been set and it looks like Sept 29th-30th are go times for the expo.  Come on down, meet up, say hi, check out The Wooden Arcade’s art in person!

Check out the details and get your tickets in advance now!

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