Hard At Work.

Gotta love workin’. Gotta love what you do.  This week, and for the next 2 1/2 months, is all work and no play.  Here at The Wooden Arcade we don’t fuck around.  “Get the shit done” we say.  Got a lot on the ol’ plate with woodwork and such, trying to keep sane.  Just went out to Lowes today to figure out my new bandsaw.  Those bastards.  I walked in and asked simply how to install a blade and work a bandsaw and they looked at me like I was asking how to assemble a Nasa spaceship from scratch.  Luckily they were redeemed when a sweet old hippie with a cane and a Lowes vest walked up to me and gave me the scoop.  Now I’m fully informed and ready to try some new experimenting with my new tool!  If I can pull it off, these new pieces should be sah-weet.  Now to get back to work…

Graphic above by Aaron Draplin

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